Will Your Home Appeal to Buyers?

60 seconds is all the time you have to create a stellar first impression and in today's competitive market, buyers want to fall in love before they've even stepped foot inside.

How can you ensure that your home stays top of mind? Follow these simple, yet significant ways to maximize your home's appeal;

Exterior - everything should be in tip-top shape, your home is competing with hundreds of other homes, a buyer will simply move onto the next option if yours doesn't fit the bill.

1. Lawn should be green & mowed, bushes & hedges trimmed, trees & weeds under control - no dead branches, flower beds neatly tended to

2. Doors & windows (including garage) should be fully functioning and in good condition, no pealing paint, ripped screens, etc. and all should be sparkling clean

3. Patio/porch - if wood, think about re-staining for a fresh, crisp look, there shouldn't be any pealed paint, broken spindles, mold, mildew or moss growing. If concrete or cement, think about sealing cracks.

4. Clean the cobwebs off of doorways, windows & light fixtures

5. Brick, vinyl siding, hardie plank siding, stucco, etc. - whatever the exterior of your home is made of, it should be pressured washed and/or professionally cleaned

6. All gutters should be cleaned & downspouts firmly attached & properly functioning

7. Place a few potted plants at the front door with a new welcome mat

Interior - this is it! The final opportunity to make a lasting impression on the potential buyers of your home. Make it good!

1. De-clutter - remove all of your personal items so homebuyers can envision their belongings in the space, this includes picture frames (hung on the walls & on bookshelves), knick-knacks, extra appliances on the counters, etc.

2. Evaluate the furniture in each room - remove anything that interrupts the flow of the traffic pattern and/or is too large for the space, making the room appear smaller than it is

3. Clean & organize cabinets, closets & bookshelves - buyers WILL go through your closets, cabinets, drawers, etc. to checkout the storage space - overfilling these areas will make it appear as if there isn't enough space to store their items.

 4. We all love our pets but the potential buyer of your home doesn't want to know they existed. There shouldn't be any evidence of a pet's odor in the room - have carpets professionally cleaned, have new air filters in the vents, find a place for litter boxes & pick up any 'surprises' that could be outside, place pets beds in an inconspicuous area  - not at the foot of your bed or in front of the fireplace, where they normally sleep - ESPECIALLY when the professional photographer comes out to take pics.

5. Touch up - whether you've lived in your home for a short amount of time or for several years, there is bound to be some wear and tear. Be mindful of this and repair as needed (freshen up paint, fill in holes, replace anything worn, fix/replace discolored grout, broke tiles or worn countertops and/or moldings, repair loose door handles)

6. Check for leaks - be sure tub & sink faucets aren't leaking and that toilets aren't running

7. Don't leave out questionable items - trust us, we've seen it all, but that doesn't mean that your buyer needs to! From toys to magazines, under garments & more, whatever you're into is totally fine with us but a potential buyer doesn't need/care to know what went on the home.

8. Leave your home in immaculate condition each & every time there's a showing. We know, it's inconvenient to have your home on the market, especially with pets and kids but to get your home sold quickly & for top dollar, buyers will want it sparkling clean.

If you any any questions about how to prepare your home to sell, our team will be happy to help! We understand that it's a process and we are here to help take the stress away from you in any way we can. Let us know how we can assist!

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