Why Selling Your Home During the Holidays is Smart!

While it may seem quite unconventional to consider selling your home during the holiday season, we've got FIVE reasons why it's actually a very smart choice! 

1. Buyers are Serious 

Many people think 'serious' buyers only come around in the spring, and this just isn't true! When sellers choose to wait until the spring market for more buyers, they're actually missing out on the opportunity to sell their home much faster. In the spring time, more homes are on the market, creating more inventory & more competition, therefore, buyers have more options. When a buyer is moving around the holidays, it's either because they're being forced to move (maybe their landlords want to sell) or they're relocating or they're just finally ready to take advantage of the super low mortgage rates! Whatever their reason, they're on the hunt & they're ready & QUALIFIED to buy.

2. Less Competition

 As stated above, the spring market tends to be the busiest time of year to buy and sell but when you remove the competition, by listing off season, YOUR home is what the buyers want to see & they don't want to miss out on their opportunity!

3. Faster Sales

 With less competition (inventory), the likelihood of you selling your home quickly is very high! Lets face it, it's the holiday season and we all know that it has it's added stresses (family, gift giving, cooking, entertaining, etc.) so anyone who's serious about buying, wants no part of prolonging the process (and we're assuming you don't either!)

4. New Year = New Jobs = People on the Move

 Lucky for us, we live in the south & in the land of opportunity where many, many companies & corporations are setting up shop and/or frequently relocating their employees. Typically, this all goes down around the beginning of the new year & prior to starting a new job, employees are going to want to get settled into their home beforehand. Hello holiday home sale! 

5. Your Home is Decorated for Comfort & Celebration!

Of course, your home will be decorated for the holidays creating an inviting, comfortable & celebratory abode. While decorating & moving during the holidays may/will add some stress to you, would you rather list your home in the spring time when everyone else is listing & risk the chance of selling your home to a serious buyer vs having multiple buyers step thru your home? It's 100% your call!

If you think you'd like to list your home this holiday season or would like some more information & specific stats about YOUR neighborhood, please reach out to us! 678.775.2787

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