Tips To Reduce Your Heating Bill

Heating your home in the colder months can put a strain on your budget. Follow these tips to help reduce your heating bill and keep your home nice and cozy. These simple but effective solutions can help shave off some money on your electric or gas bill.

Window leaks

Place your hand around the frame of your window and see if you feel any leaks. You can also do this with a lighted candle to see if the flame flickers. If you find that you have leaks in your windows, re-caulk them; you can also add a “draft snake” along the bottom of the window for added protection.

Heat temperature

Instead of having your home set at a cozy 74, consider dropping it to say 70 or even 68 degrees. It might be a bit cool in your home, but it will save you money when the electric bill rolls in. Just dress warmer, wear socks, cuddle up in blankets, etc.

Programmable thermostat

Invest in a programmable thermostat. This way you can adjust the temperature of your home for when you are away. If no one is at home for eight hours out of the day, why would you heat your home for no reason? Drop the temperature to say 65 or even 69, and then when you are about an hour or so from returning home, have the thermostat set to kick back on to get the house warm.

Thermal window shades

Your window shades might be looking nice, but they are doing nothing to benefit you. Consider purchasing thermal window curtains to put up for the year. Thermal window shades help stop the cold from the windows during the winter and heating of the sun in summer. So, you get benefits from thermal window shades year round.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have a switch so you can easily adjust the airflow for the seasons. You may want the blades to go counter-clockwise to help push hot air up during summer months, and then clockwise for colder months to push hot air down.

Clean furnace

Make sure your furnace is clean before you start the year. Having your furnace in good working order will help it to run more smoothly and that it uses the proper amount of energy. When your furnace gets buildup or it has to work harder, it can dramatically increase overall fees you are experiencing in your electric bill.

Exhaust fans

Use them only when needed and make sure to turn them off when done. Exhaust fans will suck out all that precious warm air from your home. They are great for use in the bathroom and for the kitchen, but don’t forget to shut them off. If you don’t, all your hot air will escape and you will hear your heater kick on more often.

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