Tipping for those that provide a service to you this holiday season

Tipping for those that provide a service to you this holiday season is a great idea. Every year right around this time the question comes up regarding how much if anything should you tip those persons that provide some type of service to you and your family over the past year. Typically it is an accepted and much appreciated practice to provide some type of gratuity to the hard working people that help us and make our lives a little bit easier. 

Do you provide a tip or gift to those persons that serve you such as your pet sitter, mailman, maid service? How about your children's pre-school teachers, dog sitter, etc..


We wanted to provide you with a little guide and some additional understanding of what you can do to brighten other persons holidays.

So let's ask the question: Should I tip those that serve? Yes, they will appreciate it greatly. Probably more than you know. Providing this allows you to show those that provide a service is to show how much we appreciate all they do for us to help make our lives a little easier. While a store bought gift is great, for the most part, cash is king in the service world.

Here is a breakdown of what is recommended but obviously not required. 

Babysitters: If you have a regular sitter who’s always your go to resource make sure to thank them. If you have more than one, this can be a little more difficult (and expensive). Extra spending money to show your thanks is a great touch and will go a long way to help you next year. 

Amount to show your appreciation: An average pay for a night out on the town

Maid/Housekeeper: Do you have a regular person that helps keep your home clean and tidy? What a thankless job, especially if you have kids.

Amount to show your appreciation: Typically this is the total amount of one cleaning service. 

Day Care Teachers: There may be more than one person sharing the load her so it is necessary to think of all not just one. The best gift is gift cards. 

Amount to show your appreciation: $25-40 for Lead teacher; $10-20 for other.

Dog Sitters: Does Fido go to a drop-off location, you can bring the team a basket of treats or gift certificate to a local restaurant that will provide enough food for the entire staff.  Are you lucky enough to have someone who comes to your house?

Amount to show your appreciation: A day’s pay.

Mailman: Snow, sleet, rain, heat, does not stop the mail and these folks work especially hard during the holidays. Cash is a great way to say thanks. Gift cards to a restaurant are also a nice gesture. However don't just leave a note in the mailbox with the card. Make sure you stop them and personally hand the gift to them. They need someone to talk to and you owe it to them to say thanks.

Amount to show your appreciation: $25-50 cash or gift card

Finally, please remember that if you don’t have a good feeling tipping these or any other person that provides a service then you shouldn’t. However if you have a sense that you should but choose not to you might need to look into making a move to another provider in 2014. If you really can’t see a way to provide this because money it tight, at least write them a hand-written note to thank them for all they do.

Hope this helps. Any other thoughts on how you can make this holiday season brighter for those persons that help you and your family throughout the year? Please reply here and let me know what you think.

Happy Holidays!!!


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