These Home Trends Are Going To Be Huge In 2021!

This year has drastically changed the way we use our homes and the amount of time we spend in them. Many of us had to create a home office in our bedrooms without much notice and tried to upgrade our outdoor space without spending a fortune.
Pandemic living will continue to have an effect on home decor trends in 2021 as #WFH remains the new normal and further nationwide and local lockdowns can't be ruled out.
Here, the experts from home renovation platform Houzz predict the design trends we're likely to see more of in 2021. They're partly based on search traffic, so you're probably starting to see some of them on the 'gram already.
Outdoor entertainment spaces

If you're lucky enough to have an outdoor space, even a small one, pandemic life has probably made you want to upgrade it. Pizza ovens are going to be especially popular in 2021, the Houzz experts predict.
All-white kitchens

If you like your food preparation surfaces to look super-clean, this kitchen trend is definitely for you. Just remember: white kitchens show up every last speck of dirt.
Nature-inspired palettes

Houseplants have been a huge trend for a few years now, but the Houzz experts predict that we'll also be incorporating a hint of nature into our homes through our colour palettes.

Warm earth tones (burnt umber, terracotta, clay) and forest colours (sage, pine, turquoise) are expected to be very much on-trend – as is natural-looking rattan furniture.
Healthy at home

It's no great surprise that the home gym is still going to be a thing in 2021. Look out for clever space-saving ideas such as equipment that fits seamlessly into our interiors and furniture that doubles up as gym kit.
Colourful bathrooms

"Pink bathroom", "navy bathroom" and "gold bathroom" are getting a lot of search traffic, the Houzz experts say.
Multifunctional spaces

You've guessed it: this trend is all about making the most of small spaces to create as serene a home office as possible.
Interesting bathroom fixtures

Copper-based bathroom fixtures are growing in popularity – partly because they're super-hygienic, which is something we've all been thinking about during the pandemic.
Smart homes

"Alexa, turn on the lights!" Expect to see voice recognition tech becoming more commonplace in bathrooms (as well as living rooms) in 2021.
Growing your own

"Vegetable garden" is a big search trend at the moment, and the experts say we'll be trying to grow our own produce whether we have a garden or not. So, expect to see a lot of window sill gardens and balcony gardens in 2021.
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