These Are the All-Time Best White Paint Colors, According to Interior Designers

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Selecting colors is always a complicated part of the home-painting process, but choosing white paints can be especially challenging—even for interior designers. You have to consider all kinds of factors: Is the lighting natural or artificial? Is the white hue itself going to cast a color? Are there any patterned wallpapers visible nearby? All of these are questions to ask when determining the best white paint color for any room.

It's a dilemma most professionals face, says interior designer Melissa Rufty. "Selecting a white paint seems simple in theory, but I find it's actually the most complicated. What many don't realize is that white is actually a color. Whites will give off a pink, yellow, blue, or even green cast," she says.

Selecting the perfect white paint color can feel impossible (there are so many options!), so we've called on a variety of experts to do the work for you.

1. Benjamin Moore Linen White

If you want a paint that has a cool feel, consider this expert-approved iteration from interior designer Melissa Rufty. "Benjamin Moore Linen White is my go-to—it has the ability to feel crisp, but not cold," she says. "It's warm without being too yellow, and it's a great interior or exterior option."

2. Sherwin Williams Pure White

Sherwin Williams' Pure White, a true, bright white paint, is interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel's favorite. "It's not too cool, not too warm—just perfectly neutral when you need a clean white," she says.

3. Farrow & Ball All White

Both Sherman Samuel and interior designer Elizabeth Stuart call on Farrow & Ball's All White for many of their projects. "I'm always searching for what I call a 'bridge white,' which is a white that will look great with whatever colors I'm working with," says Stuart. "Most of my design projects end up having a lot of artwork, and this shade is just beautiful. I can hang an amazing oil painting with yellows or grays in it, and it will still look great.

4. Portola Paints Sea Salt

For a room that needs additional warmth, opt for Sea Salt by Portola Paints, says Jake Arnold. "Typically, I'll use this white in older homes where I need a white that feels fresh, but never harsh," he says. "I used it recently in an old 1920s Spanish Revival home in Los Feliz."

5. Benjamin Moore White Dove

A versatile option, this white paint works well with cool or warm color palettes, says Susan Work of Homework Design. "Our favorite go-to white paint of the past 15 years is White Dove by Benjamin Moore," she says. "It's that magical—and works for us every single time."

Rufty also knows this color's power—and uses it strategically throughout her projects. "In bathrooms with white plumbing fixtures like sinks and bathtubs, I tend to use White Dove," she says. "I also like this white in kitchens, where white tiles or slabs are used."

6. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Rely on Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace when you are looking to brighten a space, notes Jenny Dina Kirschner of JDK Interiors. "It's a very easy white paint color to work with in nearly any room, with any type of light," she says. "It's my go-to when I need crisp, clean walls with absolutely no undertones."

7. Benjamin Moore Steam

To soften a room, try out Benjamin Moore's Steam, suggests Kirschner. "No matter the time of day or type of light, it reads as a more creamy, warm white without the yellow

undertones that many other warm white paint colors have," she says.

8. Farrow & Ball Pointing

Want a white paint that complements warm color palettes? Then this option is for you. "I love using Farrow & Ball's Pointing in projects that have really rich colors in the design," says Stuart. "It's a warmer white, and it works really well with pale pinks and rich eggplants. It's perfect for when you want a creamy white without it looking beige or eggy."

9. Portola Paints White Cliffs

As a "true white" paint, you'll be able use this White Cliffs by Portola Paints option to work with a variety of different design elements within your home. "It's perfect for those who have great art to display, as it provides the perfect backdrop for layering," says Arnold. "I used it for a client in Brentwood who has a lot of art with rich colors and tones, and [it looks] really in sync."

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