Stuff the Bus – Buford Schools Provide Toys For Needy Kids

We have many Hamilton Mill neighbors whose kids attend Buford City Schools, and they have a special reason to feel good this Christmas!  They are giving to the community.

“Stuff the Bus” is a community effort to collect toys for kids who might not otherwise have a Christmas. It’s the 13th year the Buford community has participated in the “Stuff the Bus” effort.

Toys delivered by more than 600 students formed a large pile in the front hallway of Buford Middle School on Wednesday morning. After each school contributes its toys, they are delivered to and dispersed from Union Baptist Church, where Buford football players and cheerleaders help organize the toys. It’s the 13th year the Buford community has participated in the “Stuff the Bus” effort, and transportation director Brenda Brown said it does real well every year as Buford Academy typically leads the way in donations.

Buford Middle Principal Rachel Adams said students and families often bring additional toys so others can donate. It’s developed into a regular event at the school that everyone treats it as a normal occurrence.

“It’s a really neat thing the kids do, and they’re really motivated by it,” Adams said. “Motivated to help kids and we just have a really good group of kids, they have big hearts. This community is really full of people who want to help other people through the churches and the schools, and it’s such a natural part of what they do, they know that it’s for kids who maybe are not able to have a big Christmas, and they really want to share it. They want to share what they get, and what they experience with everybody.”

Student Jonathan Ingram brought a box of Hot Wheels cars that he said would offer a variety along with the other unwrapped gifts his classmates brought.

“I think it makes them feel special, and they know that people care,” he said. “It means that we’re all working together to make a big cause for people. I know we get dress down stickers, but that doesn’t really matter now, that’s just a small part of doing this.”

Sixth-grader Callie Snell brought a large stuffed green frog that she said could be used as a pillow. “Stuff the Bus” is one way to give Christmas to kids who might not otherwise experience it, she said.

“I’ve always loved Christmas, and I couldn’t imagine life without Christmas,” she said, and added that this effort shows “that people love them and care about them, and they want them to have Christmas, too.”

Eighth-grader Chloe Bonds was glad that the school could make an impact in the lives of the less fortunate.

“We have so many parents and staff and teachers who are supportive of us doing the right thing, so it’s a big deal for this school, because that’s what it’s based around in Buford as a whole,” she said. “Making sure that we know there are people, not just ourselves, to help.”

As a Christian, Bonds said sharing Christmas is important, but she also believes that kids need something to look forward to, so giving that to another kid, and helping another family, is important to her.

“It helps me have a better Christmas, too,” she said.

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