Selling during the dead of winter? Absolutely!

Selling during the dead of winter? Absolutely!
"Should I sell during the winter?"

I get asked this ALL the time.

My answer is, YES, if you want to possibly sell for more money, have your house on the market for less time and only show to those who are truly ready, willing and able to buy. 

Homes that are marketed for sale during the winter months: 

1. Have a 9% better chance of selling in six months.
2. Sell in one weeks less time.
3. Sell for 1.2% more.

Our Team does not take off during the winter months and we are constantly looking for homes for our Buyers to purchase. We receive over 400 leads per month from people looking to sell. If you or someone you know is looking to sell this winter, please give us a call. We won't leave you out in the cold. 

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