Open Those Windows & Get Some Fresh Air!

If you're anything like me, last week I was ecstatic when it was 70's degrees and sunny...the perfect temperature to throw open the windows and get the winter 'funk' out of the house! There's nothing like a little fresh air to put a little pep in your step and prep you for a new season. 

And as we prep for a new season, we want to make sure that our homes are functioning as they should be and ready to for us to start performing our usual 'spring' activities! Even though we live in the south and don't typically experience harsh winters, there are still things we can do to best maintain our homes so they're operating at their full potential. 

So, how can we prep? Here are a few ways...


Check drainage - be sure water is able to flow away from your house

Clean out gutters - these should be cleaned at least twice/year

Pressure wash your home - spot clean heavy soiled areas

Inspect deck/patio areas for cracked wood or loose nails and pressure wash as needed

Wash all windows - replace any screens as needed

Inspect roof for damage or lifted shingles - contact a professional as needed

Remove dead plants, shrubs, flowers, etc.

Inspect your driveway and walkway for cracks & potential hazards

Have your HVAC unit serviced - this should be done annually to ensure full functionality

Get your garage organized - test lawnmowers & any other equipment you'll be using this season

Dust off that patio furniture - it's time to use it!


Check the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector

 HVAC - be sure the technician checks ductwork, services the furnace & AC compressor

Clean bathroom vents for proper ventilation

Check all faucets, sinks and toilets for leaks - call a plumber as needed

Wipe down all cabinets & appliances in the kitchen

Wash all windows, ledges & blinds

Dust fans,  light fixtures & built-in cabinetry

Wipe down walls, crown, base & chair moldings, doors & handles

Vacuum away cobwebs in corners, along the ceiling, etc.

While you've got the vacuum out, take it into the bedroom & use it on your mattress

Seal countertops

Clean out your refrigerator - get rid of expired products and give it a good wipe down 

Shake our your area rugs & have carpets professionally cleaned

Run a cycle through your dishwasher with no dishes in it

Same goes for your washing machine - clean with distilled vinegar water & baking soda

Deep clean the oven - scrape off all the gunk, sprinkled baking soda & white vinegar on the bottom, let it bubble up then wipe away

Clean out the dryer vent behind the machine - be sure it's clear through to the outside - this can be a costly item to fix if not maintained properly, not to mention, it's a huge fire hazard

If you need a recommendation for any services to be performed on your home, please contact us! We have a list of preferred vendors whom we know & trust that we'll be happy to share with you.

Written by Kelly Hawkins

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