October is a good month to replace your air conditioner

With fall temperatures dropping, the time to replace your air conditioner is now.  Many companies offer incentives as they try to unload the remaining inventory, before the holiday season.  

Here are five signs your air conditioner may be on the brink:  

1)  Temperature fluctuations.  Test the temperature in various rooms, at various times, to see if the temperature on the thermostat is consistent throughout your home.

2)  Noises.  If you hear noises, this could be a sign of a mechanical issue, which may be remedied with good service, or may mean it's time to replace.  These noises may also be contributing to higher utility costs.

3)  False starts.  Pay attention to how often your system starts, and if it starts and stops.  This indicates the unit is not working properly.

4)  High energy costs.  An older unit is obviously less efficient, but an older unit that has mechanical issues is even worse.  A new unit may greatly improve your energy bill.

5)  Frequent repairs needed.  Keep track of how many times you've had your unit serviced.  Not only are these repairs costly, but could also be a sign that your unit is too small for your home.  

So when you think about fall projects around the home, consider replacing your air conditioner.  Replacing now may not only save you money on the cost of the unit, but on future energy costs.  In addition, you will be very glad you did when your system is up and running when the spring temperatures begin to climb.  

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