Little Mulberry Park Phase 3 Sneak Peek - Dacula, Georgia

Little Mulberry Park Phase 3 Sneak Peek - Dacula, Georgia is another new family friendly park provided for the citizens of Gwinnett County Georgia, located just outside the Hamilton Mill subdivision. The newest phase of Little Mulberry Park was scheduled to open this Spring however from my brief tour of the grounds and facilities I believe we are another month or two from the actual opening of the new phase. 

I took a 30 minute walk through Phase 3 this evening and overall I was very impressed with how the park is laid out, the amenities that are going to be provided and the amount of parking available. There is really something to do for all age ranges which is a great benefit to families with younger children. In the past, those with small kids would need to travel to the Fence Road entrance of Little Mulberry Park to enjoy the swing sets but not any more. 

For those of us living in the Hamilton Mill subdivision, this is just another reason to love living in the Hamilton Mill subdivision. A number of the neighborhoods within Hamilton Mill are within walking distance of the new phase and for everyone else, a short three to five minute car ride puts you right in the center of the action. Little Mulberry Park has been a popular outdoor destination for many residents of Gwinnett, Barrow and Jackson counties and beyond. For those living so close to Little Mulberry Park, this is another example of why living in the Hamilton Mill subdivision is such a big draw. 

The new phase of Little Mulberry Park is going to be much more "kid" friendly as it boasts a large playground, wide walking trails and a scenic walk that even with small children is very manageable. My suggestion is to bring the kids bikes along and let them glide down the gently rolling hills (caution: parents you will be pushing the mikes back up the hills). The main trail connects to the lower level of the Little Mulberry Park phase 2 down by the pier so turning a short walk into a much longer one is very easy. 

Anyone living in the Hamilton Mill subdivision who is wanting to ride their bikes to the park there is only one area of concern and that is crossing from the Hamilton Mill subdivision side of the street, across Hog Mountain and then enter the park. While this may be a issue, there is plenty of site lines so making sure crossing Hog Mountain Road should not be a problem. 

In total Little Mulberry Park has 890-acres of passive park near located in Dacula, Ga and the Hamilton Mill subdivision. Existing facilities include five miles of hiking and equestrian trails, a fishing lake, a scenic overlook at one of the highest points in the county. A new disc golf course meanders through the woods (I know I am excited about this), there is a large a playground complex, picnic pavilion, a beautiful overlook deck with views of the hills, restrooms and plenty of parking. The Little Mulberry Park Phase 3 was funded by the 2009 SPLOST program according to the Gwinnett County website. Gwinnett commissioners had approved a $1.9 million construction contract with the lowest of five bidders being the Astra Group Inc.


#1 By Matt Hermes at 12/9/2021 4:22 AM

Great park. Cannot wait until it opens. As soon as we know a opening date we will let you know.

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