If You See a Green Porch Light, This Is What It Means

(original article courtesy of rd.com)  There are ways to support certain issues without outright telling everyone we meet. People use teal pumpkins during Halloween to show awareness of children’s food allergies and blue pumpkin buckets to spread awareness for autism. It’s a great way to spark conversations about issues that deserve the spotlight without seeming in your face.

So why do some people use green porch lights? This one doesn’t have to do with Halloween or Christmas, but it is related to another holiday.

What does a green porch light mean?

It started in 2013 with a campaign led by Walmart, called the “Greenlight a Vet Campaign.” This campaign worked to guarantee jobs for honorably discharged U.S. veterans after they returned home from service. In addition, Walmart also encouraged members of their communities to change their porch lights to green in order to show appreciation for veterans across the nation.

The campaign described the color green as renewal and hope. With all of these positive ideas in mind, Walmart hoped to start a new conversation about U.S. veterans as valued members of every community. You’ll still see these green lights around November 11, which is Veterans Day.

Occasionally, some will also use green porch lights to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

What’s the best light for my porch?

When choosing outdoor lights, like a green light for your front porch, look carefully at the number of lumens. The more lumens, the brighter the bulb. This 229-lumen bulb has a softer light and should generally work well for your porch, but if you don’t have many lights outside, you may need to have your single light do the work of many. In this case, look for a light like this 720-lumen bulb.

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