Filing for Homestead Exemption

Filing for Homestead Exemption

Have you filed for homestead exemption on your Hamilton Mill home?  Do you have questions about filing for homestead exemption?  We have compiled a list of homestead rules, along with web addresses and County contact information from Gwinnett County and other counties in Metro Atlanta.


  1. Property Owner must own and occupy the property as their primary residence as of January 1 of the tax year.
  2. ****The county does not look at who owned the property the majority of the year – they only look at who owned the property as of January 1.
  3. Property Owner must live in the property as their primary residence and they cannot be receiving homestead exemption on any other property – this includes properties in other Georgia counties and other states.
  4. Only one homestead exemption can be claimed between husband and wife. Married couples are considered by law as a single family unit.
  5. All vehicles owned by the Property Owner(s) must be registered in the county where the Property Owner(s) applies for Homestead Exemption.
  6. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1 , all applicants for Homestead Exemption must indicate on the application whether they are U.S. citizens or are qualified aliens or nonimmigrants under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act. Those applicants who indicate they are qualified aliens or nonimmigrants will be required to submit with their application their valid documentation from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service for purposes of verification.

Other Tips:

  1. If Property Owner(s) is adding or deleting a person’s name on a deed, they must re-file for homestead exemption.
  2. If there is a change in ownership, name, or spelling correction on the deed, Property Owner(s) must re-file for homestead exemption.
  3. Refinancing your home does nnot affect homestead exemption.
  4. Homestead Exemption CANNOT be applied to Rental Property or Business Owned Property.

May Need to Provide:

Georgia Driver’s License or valid GA Id


Vehicle Registration

Recorded Deed for new owner

Trust Document if property is in trust

Proof of Income (for Senior and Other Special Exemptions)


Homeowners may need to provide their Warranty Deed book and page, proof of residence, social security numbers, driver’s license and car tag info to qualify. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION/FILING IS APRIL 1ST.

Gwinnett County                                                                            770.822.8800

Fulton County                                                                                   404.612.6440

DeKalb County                                                                                  404.298.4000

Cobb County                                                                                      770.528.8600

Hall County                                                                                       770.531.6720 exemption

Clayton County                                                                                 770.477.3311

Cherokee County                                                                            678.493.6120

Henry County                                                                                    770.288.8180

Forsyth County                                                                                                 770.781.2106

Douglas County                                                                                770.920.7272

Fayette County                                                                                                 770.461.3652

Paulding County                                                                               770.443.7606

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