Fall for these Autumn Home Selling Ideas

Fall days may be shorter, and the weather may be changing.  Yet Autumn can be a wonderful time to showcase your home.  
Many home buyers are anxious to buy, and to get moved in before winter comes.

Here are six ideas to ready your home for fall buyers:

1.  Decorate for fall.  Your pumpkins, gourds, and mums can all stay out through Thanksgiving.  
Add a fall wreath and welcome matt to your front door.  
2.  Let the light in.  With shorter days, your home will need more light.  Keep interior lights on and perhaps
even increase wattage for additional brightness.  
3.  Remove clutter.  This is always important, but especially now as we tend to leave jackets and boots out.  
Take the time to put them away.  Keep a basket in each room to gather items when a last minute showing may happen.  
4.  Stage your home for the season.  Consider having a fire lit, or warming cider with cinnamon
for a pleasant aroma.  You can also use the same fall decorations inside your home.    
5.  Show off your neighborhood.  List neighborhood ammenities, such as bike paths, playgrounds, and tennis courts on the feature sheet.  Perhaps even have a map handy to showcase how close you are to amenities, stores, and entertainment.  
Making your home cozy in the fall will really help showcase just how great it is.  Buyers will want to make their own memories in this cozy environment.  

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