Energy Savings for Your Hamilton Mill Home

Energy Savings for Your Hamilton Mill Home

If you could save money on your Hamilton Mill home and help out the environment, you would, right? Spray polyurethane foam is one way to do just that.

What is SPRAY POLYURETHANE FOAM? SPF is an insulation and sealant that can form a continuous air barrier on walls, roofs, around corners, and on many surfaces in and around a home. It is created by mixing two liquids that react very quickly, expanding on contact to create rigid foam. It not only insulates, but seals gaps, and some foams can form a barrier against moisture and vapor.

Here are some things SPF can do for you, the homeowner:

  • Help save on energy bills
  • Reduce drafts, noise and increase comfort
  • Reduce heating and air conditioning system size
  • Minimize air infiltration that can generate condensation and result in mold growth
  • Impede entry of insects and pests
  • Seal cracks to insulate large areas, such as walls and roofs
  • Resist settling due to its general stability
  • Qualify for rebates, tax credits and green certification

How does SPF help the environment? In California (one of the most expensive states in terms of energy prices) SPF insulation can help homeowners save about $900 annually on their heating and cooling costs. These energy savings also mean that less carbon dioxide is being released into the air (800 thousand metric tons) – the equivalent of removing 2700 cars from the roads each year. Ultimately fewer greenhouse gases are being pumped into the environment.

SPF is probably best installed by a contractor, but there are ways to do it yourself.

So whether your goal is energy savings, protecting the environment, or both, SPF offers a versatile product that can meet your needs.

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