Bus Cams Catch Hundreds of Violators in Gwinnett County

Bus Cams Catch Hundreds of Violators in Gwinnett County and around the Hamilton Mill subdivision in Dacula.

As Hamilton Mill homeowners and parents, we all know the importance of safety for our kids.  We are fortunate to have such active parents here in our Hamilton Mill subdivision who advocate for our kids.  Now our schools have taken extra measure to ensure their safety as well.  Now, with the stop-arm safety cameras installed by Gwinnett County Public Schools on busses, violators who don't obey safety rules of the road are facing consequences.

The school system has a total of 1,900 buses and just a small number of them have the new stop-arm cameras. But school officials say they’re working, catching an average of 350 violations a week.

The cameras record as the school buses stop and the stop-arm extends.

A police officer reviews video of each potential violation.

In one instance on Norcross-Tucker Road, a car passed a stopped school bus on the left. That driver will be sent a $300 ticket.

Stop-arm cameras are now on 230 Gwinnett County buses on a variety of routes in all school clusters.

The district started in December with just warnings. But at the start of the year and new semester, it went live issuing citations.

"It will bring awareness and hopefully get people to stop when that bus arm is out,” said Sloan Roach with Gwinnett County Schools.

The district wants to remind drivers as they get used to the cameras, that while they are new, the law is not.

"So it's very important for people to be aware of that law and follow the law. It's for our kids,” Roach said.

The goal is to add 70 more of these cameras for a total of 300.

The cameras can move around to different buses on different routes

Officials say they will eventually crunch numbers and build a database showing where the most violations are coming from.

Let's all be sure to stop for the safety of our Gwinnett County kids.

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