Are you prepared for the Hamilton Mill Community Yard Sale April 24th & 25th

Are you prepared for the Hamilton Mill Community Yard Sale April 24th & 25th?   If you have been a Hamilton Mill resident for a while, you know what is coming.  If you are new to Hamilton Mill, you MUST PREPARE for what is about to happen!

First of all, if you want to study the human psyche without going to grad school or reading a book on Freud, just hang around for the Hamilton Mill Community Yard sale.  Few things pique people's interest more than seeing a “Community Yard Sale” sign in front of their favorite neighborhood during the Hamilton Mill Community Yard Sale April 24th & 25th.  It’s hard to resist the thrill of potentially snagging a great vintage garden piece or lightly used high-end patio set for mere pennies.  Even though these treasures are few and far between, it's hard to resist the opportunity for a bargain.

Hmill Sign
Hamilton Mill subdivision, Dacula Ga.

Maybe you are a veteran Yard-Saler.  Or maybe you need a little cash to off-set  your Spring Break vacation and the timing is good - filled with high hopes of making some cash.   Or possibly you are  interested in the social experiment side of the Hamilton Mill Community Yard Sale April 24th & 25th.

If you are preparing for your yard sale, a few things to keep in mind for the Hamilton Mill Community Yard Sale April 24th & 25th:

1.  Plan to have early-birds - you know, those people who ignore the "no early bird" signs.  They show up at 6am and watch you as you set everything up and browse before you are ready.  Be prepared because it WILL happen.

2.  Plan to have hagglers!  You know that set of perfectly good dishes?   They want it for $.50.  Be prepared!

3.  You will meet some REALLY nice people.  You will also meet some interesting characters.  And you will likely encounter some total weirdos who you might want pay to leave your driveway!

4.  Someone will invariably ask to use your bathroom.

5.  Some of your treasures won't sell while all of your neighbor's CRAP is gone in the first hour.

Now if you are a "non-yard-sale-er", your preparations require an entirely different strategy:

1.  First, back your vehicles into your driveway because you will be lucky to get out of your driveway at all - much less if you have to back out.

2.  Allow 30 minutes to get out of the Hamilton Mill subdivision.   Some yard-sale shoppers don't think the rest of the world has anywhere to be and they stroll across the street leisurely or park in the MIDDLE of the street because they are in a hurry to wrestle some lady for Aunt Betty's hand me down crock pot.  Don't they realize we have an ESPN T-Ball game to get to???

3.  Escape!  Leave the neighborhood early and don't come home until about 4pm.

4.  Plan for people to walk in your yard, trapse over your newly planted flowers, and so on.  Maybe if you aren't there it won't tempt you to commit the unthinkable.

Whichever category you fall into - good luck at your Hamilton Mill Hometown Community Yard Sale and happy hunting!

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