Are You a Fan of Smart Homes?

There are those that simply cannot live without the latest and greatest tech gadgets, while others live life very minimally. Case in point, my husband and I are very simple people and when we purchased our first home last year, we were in awe...and a bit nervous...about all the technology in our new home.

From the nest thermostats to the iPhone operable under cabinet lighting, to the video doorbell, the Philips Hue lightbulbs & the bathroom vent with bluetooth connection to name a few, not only did we need to learn how to become homeowners, we needed to figure out things that would normally be simple tasks such as, turning on the lights & heating our home...dear god, I miss the 80's!!

Aside from feeling like I definitely should've been born in a different generation, it hasn't been too terrible learning about all the new gadgets :) Although, my husband has done most of the research & setup of everything, I've managed to learn the basics to get by. I can turn the heat up and down - but I still don't know at what point the heat automatically turns down on its own nor can I figure out why the wind manages to make our phone notifications 'ding' that 'there's motion at our door."

I recently found this article Help Clients Get Wise to Smart-Tech Hype and thought I'd share it with you. There's a fine line between tech gadgets providing convenience, safety & energy savings & just making people flat out lazy. While I LOVE the fact that I can see what's happening at my front door while I'm not home, it does make me a bit on edge to have any kind of gadget that can overhear our conversations in our home - next thing we know, a commercial comes on, ironically of what we were just talking about. Irony? I think not.

There are however, many convenient & useful products on the market that, say should you decide to sell your home, could potentially set your home apart from others (that's how we ended up in our home!) 

I realize technology is the way of the world, it's not going anywhere and if I don't get on board, I'll be left behind. Gone are the days of having privacy in your own home without 'Alexa' listening in....this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Written by Kelly Hawkins

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